Ten Snacks Packed with Rich Nutrients

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  • Oatmeal made with low fat milk – It just takes a few minutes to heat up a bowl of hearty oatmeal in the microwave. Oatmeal is packed with great nutrients and fiber.
  • Vanilla or plain yogurt with berries – Use one cup of low-fat yogurt and stir in half a cup of your favorite berries fresh or frozen. You can use blueberries, strawberries or raspberries.
  • Dried fruit & nuts – Take a small amount of nuts and add to dried fruit such as apricots, apples or banana chips.
  • Apple with cheese – Eat about an ounce of sharp cheese with a sliced apple. You’ll be combining something creaming and crunchy. Apples are a great snack to fill you up as well.
  • Turkey or chicken on multi-grain bread – A slice of turkey or chicken on whole grain bread with lettuce, tomato, onion and your favorite mustard is a great healthy snack.
  • Bananas & peanut butter – You can use a tablespoon of creamy or crunchy peanut butter with banana slices. This is a great for adults and children.
  • Fruit with cottage cheese – Fresh fruit or fruit canned in natural juices or water are your best bet. Peaches and pineapple are delicious with cottage cheese.
  • Salad with sunflower seeds – Sprinkle a tablespoon of sunflower seeds on your salad and toss lightly with balsamic vinegar and oil.
  • Wrap with cheese – Pick your favorite wrap such as spinach or wheat and place a slice of your favorite cheese and roll it up. Easy to take with you and healthy for you.
  • Bean soup – Microwave bean soups are quick and easy to make and beans are packed with excellent nutrients and will fill you up.

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