5 Ways to Have a Healthy Super Bowl Party

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Millions will sit around big-screen televisions to watch the Super Bowl this year. And as Super Bowl party-goers watch the game and, of course, the commercials, they will eat this and munch on that. While pizza, wings and chips are some of the most popular foods consumed at a Super Bowl party, there are ways to offer Super Bowl party revelers delicious snacks without having them pack on the pounds.

And don’t go running to tell your guests that you have a healthful selection of foods either. Chances are if you don’t tell your guests, they won’t know that the tasty items you prepared not only taste good, but are good for them too. But before you get the party started, read on to find out five things you can do to have a healthier Super Bowl party.

No. 5: Make your own pizzas

Ordering a pizza is by far the most popular thing to do when a few people show up to watch the game. If you prepare the pizza instead of ordering it from your favorite pizza parlor, it will surely help party-goers stay on track if losing weight was a New Year’s resolution. There are several low-fat recipes available. But if you don’t want to use a full-fledge low-calorie recipe, swap out a few of the ingredients.

For example, instead of using pepperoni, use turkey pepperoni. Instead of using sausage, think about grilled chicken. To give it some added flavor and nutritional content, consider adding green peppers. And of course use low-fat cheese and ta-dah, you have a tasty pizza. But low-fat cheese can be used on more than just pizza to help party-goers avoid packing on the pounds.

No. 4: Slim down those sandwiches

Sandwiches have long been a mainstay of most Top 10 Super Bowl party food lists. But if you are serving “sammies” this year, think about using low-fat cheese or even Swiss cheese. Of course grabbing turkey is a much better choice than ham. Provide wheat bread rather than white. And don’t forget the low-fat mayo.

But before you place the bottle of low-fat mayo on the table, dump it in a small dish. It will help with presentation. And it will keep you from spilling the beans about the healthier condiment. Mustard is also a good alternative and has about 35 calories per serving. Pickles are not just for decoration. Pickles can help suppress cravings and possibly keep some of the revelers from overeating. The same can be said for fruit, which may not sound like a Super Bowl party hit, but will likely go over big with your hungry guests.

No. 3: Fruit can be fun

Fruit does not have to be viewed as unpopular because it is part of the food pyramid. It can be dipped in a tasty dip or low-fat chocolate. And if you are thinking, there’s no way the fellas will go for that, don’t forget about the ladies who are most certain to be in attendance. And be creative so it can be a hit.

You’ve likely seen a pizza or snack spread shaped like a football field or football; so why not do the same with fruit? You can definitely have fun creating something that either looks like your favorite team’s logo or a football. If you really aren’t that creative, spread the fruit on a large sheet pan and decoratively place in the projected score of the game. Get grapes, pineapples, apples, kiwi, oranges and any other fruit that will awaken your creative juices.

No. 2: Don’t let the dip tip the scale

Some type of dip is likely to be part of the Super Bowl menu. After all, it just isn’t a party without some dip, right? If it calls for cheese, you already know that it should be low fat. But if the recipe calls for sour cream or cream cheese — or even salsa — be sure to grab the container with the least amount of calories.

If you prepare one of those really delicious dips that have sausage or ground beef, swap the meat out with turkey. And if you have gone out of your way to lower the caloric content of the dip, make sure that what your guests will be dipping with is healthier, too. Grab a wheat nacho or a baked chip. If that’s getting a bit too healthy for you, just be sure to grab the bag that has the least amount of sodium. Yep, sodium intake contributes to gaining weight. All that food is likely to leave you with some thirsty guest, so don’t forget the beverages when it comes to healthy party choices.

No. 1: Pour some low-cal drinks

Light beer is definitely a top seller, so be sure to grab plenty. If liquor is your choice, don’t use a lot of juice, syrup or mixer. Make it low-cal and then be sure to only make it a splash of orange juice, cranberry juice or whatever is fancied. Don’t forget that the liquor can also be served on the rocks.

The standard 1.5 ounce serving of 80-proof alcohol has 96 calories. And if you are a wine drinker, a glass usually contains 125 to 150 calories. Beer can range from 64 to 198 calories per 12 ounces. So as you prepare to cheer on your favorite Super Bowl team, leave your party-goers with only good memories of a great time instead of a few pounds. Help them stay on track if they have resolved to lose weight by preparing your own pizza and sandwiches with healthier ingredients. Serve fruit and only use a splash of juice or serve cocktails on the rocks.


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