2020: Year in Review | Coding Education

In January, new CPT codes were released.  There were 248 new CPT codes added, 71 deleted and 75 revised.  Most of the surgery section changes were in the musculoskeletal and cardiovascular subsections. These included procedures such as skin grafting, breast biopsies, deep drug delivery systems, tricuspid valve repairs, aortic grafts and repair of iliac artery.

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Q1 2018: Top 5 Procedure Code Changes

Locating ventilator times were difficult in the paper medical record, but has not become any easier with the implementation on the electronic health record (EHR.) Coders should be encouraged to review the record for exact ventilator times. As mentioned above, this could come down to minutes when selecting the correct ICD-10-PCS code.

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Who Tells Your Story?

Hamilton. If you haven’t seen it, you’ve heard of it. The Broadway mega-hit has been the toughest ticket on Broadway since its debut in 2015. For the uninitiated, Hamilton explores the life and triumphs of the previously obscure “ten-dollar founding father,” Alexander Hamilton, through rap, hip-hop, and musical theatre.

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Coding Tip: Excisional Debridement Coding to the Furthest Layer

Procedure code assignment for excisional debridement has always been a focus area in coding audits. The biggest concern is whether or not the debridement is truly excisional in nature, and if the documentation truly supports an excisional debridement. HIA has written a previous Coding Tip on determining nonexcisional vs excisional debridement.

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