Transforming Data
into Action

Medical Coding Audit & Data Analytics Platform


Our coding audit tool is a cloud-based application that allows
auditors to perform comprehensive medical coding reviews.


No install required. Access from anywhere, anytime.


Coder access included for full rebuttal response process.


Results from any audit can be viewed online or downloaded via our Reports dashboard.


Auditing is organized by unique Projects. User has the ability to assign specific timeframes, titles, focus, and access. Once created, records can be directly imported into the work queue. Projects dashboard provides the manager with a simple but comprehensive visual overview of multiple audits from start to finish.

List Management

Upon implementation, managers have the ability to create and manage custom lists by organization, facilities, project identifiers, payors, coders, providers, reason for change, code types, compliance findings, service lines, and recommendation library. List Management ensures data integrity.

Auditing a Record

The auditor can view original code assignments and make line item recommendations to revise, add or delete as needed. An explanation for the change, actual supporting documentation from the record and official guidance can be included in the Action Taken, Location of Supporting Documentation and Coding Reference as rich text fields.

Audit Insights

After auditing is complete, the results can be viewed and analyzed online or offline in easy-to-download reports. View comparative data, identify trends, and create performance improvement plans based on audit insights.

Coder Responses

Coders can conveniently review their recommendations and respond to the auditor with their agreement/rebuttal all within the coding audit tool. Keep audits educational by allowing your coders to engage in the conversation.