Query Tip: Bullet vs Paragraph: What Format is Best for Clinical Indicators?

The ultimate goal of a physician query is to obtain clarity to physician documentation in the patient’s health record. In order to accomplish this goal, the coder must make the query as concise and easy to read as possible. If the physician has to take his/her valuable time to try and decipher what is being asked, there is a high likelihood that the response will be inadequate, if the query is answered at all.

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Coding Tip: New Technology Drugs FY 2018

Section “X” is a separate place within ICD-10-PCS for certain new technology procedures (such as new technology drugs). Section “X” does not introduce any new coding concepts or unusual guidelines for correct coding and maintains continuity with the other sections in ICD-10-PCS. The same root operation and body part values are used in section “X” as in other sections.

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